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Jennifer Pallas, Housing Counselor leads a session on credit cards during Home Buying Basics: Kiss Your Landlord Goodbye! on January 30, 2010. Participants in the January HUD-certified housing counseling class, Home Buying Basics.

Call our Counseling Department at 773-769-5800 to schedule a housing or credit counseling session with Jennifer Pallas (x224)

Free Tax Service/Secured Visa Card/Auto Loan

"Thank you for all your help with the purchase of our new home. After about an hour and a half of signing papers yesterday afternoon, we got the keys (and the responsibilities) for our new home!"

- Jim and Kris Nesbitt, North Side housing counselor clients

The Nesbitt's New Home - November 19, 2009

North Side is a community development credit union that offers free HUD-Certified Housing and Financial Counseling services.

Our programs include:

We invite you to set-up an appointment with our counselors and get the answers to your most pressing financial and housing questions!

Having trouble making payments on your home?

A counselor can:

  • Review your options for either keeping or selling your home
  • Inform you about how much time you have before foreclosure and what steps you should take to avoid it
  • Advocate on your behalf with your lender once you decide the path you want to follow

What To Bring To Your Delinquency Counseling Session

Interested in improving your credit?

A counselor can:

  • Advise you by considering your whole financial picture
  • Review your spending, budgeting habits and offer tips to get spending under control
  • Review your credit and provide information on how to improve your score
  • Dispute items that are inaccurate

What To Bring To Your Credit or Payday Alternative Loan Counseling Session

Interested in buying a house?

A counselor can:

  • Review your finances and credit report
  • Help you find out how much you can afford for a mortgage payment
  • Give you information about programs for first-time homebuyers

What To Bring To Your Housing Counseling Session

Learn everything you need to know about buying your first home at our workshop series, Home Buying: Kiss Your Landlord Goodbye! These workshops cover how to manage your money, improve your credit, get approved for a mortgage loan, shop for your dream home and find down payment assistance grants!

Homebuying: Kiss Your Landlord Goodbye Workshop Series

Dream of owning a home? Education is a crucial step in the home buying process. Whether you are thinking of purchasing in 2010 or in 10 years, you will gain priceless insights from this class.

Part 1: From Dimes to Down Payment & The Secrets of Credit.

Part 2: Getting a Mortgage Loan

Part 3: You're Approved! Now Find Your Dream Home (without all the confusion)

Part 4: Your Home Buying Team & Grants, Obama's Tax Credit, and more Grants

By attending the entire workshop series you will earn a HUD sponsored Home Buyer Education Certificate that qualifies you for many down payment assistance programs!

North Side hosts financial education classes and seminars free for the community, as well as for our Select Employee Partners. We can cater these classes to fit many needs. Call Kristen at 773-769-5800 x 226 if you are interested in hosting a workshop for your community center, school, block club, parish, or other civic group.

Workshops Offered:

Managing Your Money, Saving, & Spending Tips

Wondering where all your money goes at the end of the month? This workshop will teach you money saving tips including how to track your money flow, create a budget, stop spending leaks, prioritize your bills, and more! Learn how to manage your money and put yourself on the path to meet those personal goals!

The Secrets of Credit

Bad Credit? No Credit? What does it all mean? Take this workshop to learn the importance of your credit history, how to access your free credit report, how your credit score is calculated, credit card secrets, and how to build and repair your credit!

Avoiding Money Traps

Payday lenders, pawnshops, check cashing stores, and auto title lenders are often guilty of offering "quick fixes" -offers to help you with your money problems fast. However, before you know it, you are even further in debt than when you started. This class explores the hidden and expensive traps associated with these types of lenders. You'll also learn where you can find more affordable loan options.

Over your head in credit card debt? You may need to consolidate your debt

North Side can work with clients to consolidate credit card payments and overall debt. In some cases, we refer clients to our national partner, Green Path Debt Solutions. Call us for more information at (773) 769-5800.